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Tocchini Mediation

Paul Tocchini has been practicing as a solicitor for the last 42 years. He is currently a partner at
Staunton & Thompson Lawyers, Manly N S W. He holds the degrees of Ll B , and Ll M (Hons.) from the University of Sydney. He worked in the N S W Public service for 5 years, and was the first Solicitor to the Builders Licensing Board of N S W. He has been in practice privately since 1977.

Paul has had extensive experience in the fields of Probate, Estates, Construction, Real Property and Commercial law and the litigation that accompanies those areas. He has recently completed the
LEADR Mediation course , and after 15 years representing parties at mediations is in a position to bring that experience to bear as a mediator.

Tocchini Mediation can offer mediation services in the Staunton & Thompson offices at 22 Central Avenue Manly, or at a venue convenient  to the Parties. We are able to travel to rural areas as required , which is often more convenient to the parties and their representatives. A schedule of our mediation costs are on our website. Mediation and confidentiality agreements can be downloaded from our website and will also be sent to parties at the time of engagement.

The current rate of success in Succession Act Mediations both in Family Provision, and surprisingly probate matters , where it is not compulsory , is very high. No doubt this will translate to other fields as well. With our wealth of experience we are sure we can achieve a result which will save the parties significant amounts in legal costs and an early end to the anxiety that litigation inevitably brings.